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​Dark Flesh Varieties

Chelan – pre-Christmas

Pre-Christmas cherries typically don’t have the higher brix (sugar) levels of the later-season cherries. However, Chelan has good taste and is firm and attractive with mahogany red skin and medium to dark red flesh. A very good variety to kick the cherry season off with.


Sylvia – between Christmas and New Year

Not as firm as some other cherries but have an excellent flavour. They generally have a dark red flesh and have a sweet taste.


Van - between Christmas and New Year

Dark red fruit with a very sweet taste, firm flesh with a short thick stem. An old traditional favourite variety of cherry lovers for a very long time.


Lapin – early January

Large and very crunchy, the colour is a deep dark red with a very sweet taste. People love eating Lapin and many say this is their favourite for the season.

Sweet Georgia – mid January, after Lapin

The fruit is very similar to Lapin.


Regina – late January

A dark firm cherry which has a very long stalk. The cherry is heart-shaped, with deep red skin and flesh with good flavour.


Staccato – late January - February

The latest fruiting variety we grow, with very high sugar levels, giving a sweet taste. Is a very firm cherry and has more of a round shape than other cherry varieties


White Flesh Varieties

White flesh or "blush" cherries exhibit all the usual traits of dark flesh cherries but just have a white, blush orange exterior with a white flesh interior. These cherries are rarely available in the shops because they bruise more easily than the dark-fleshed varieties. Given the very light texture colour of their skin, every rub mark shows up following picking. These marks don’t affect the taste of the fruit, but might just not look it to the eye. 


Vega – Pre-Christmas

Vega is our first white flesh cherry available. It has a tart after flavour. You either like them or you don’t…. A very firm cherry.


Stardust – pre and post-Christmas

Our favourite white fleshed cherry. It has an extremely sweet taste and colours to a beautiful orange flush. It has a creamy white flesh interior. The cherry is more round in shape than other cherry varieties. Popular cherry.

Below is a guide to the types of cherries we sell and when they are generally available. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details on availability.


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